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Strategic Radiology (SR) and Rad AI Finalize Enterprise-Wide Partnership Agreement at RSNA’s 2021 National Meeting

Strategic Radiology (SR) and Rad AI Finalize Enterprise-Wide Partnership Agreement at RSNA’s 2021 National Meeting

Partnership provides SR practices with preferred access to Rad AI Omni, the only AI solution improving efficiency and quality while reducing radiologist burnout

BERKELEY, CA, UNITED STATES, December 7, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Rad AI, the nation’s fastest-growing radiologist-led AI company, and Strategic Radiology (SR), a coalition of 31 privately-owned, independent local radiology practices comprising 1300+ radiologists, have finalized an enterprise-wide agreement to provide SR’s member practices with preferred access to Rad AI Omni. Strategic Radiology will use Rad AI Omni to further the coalition’s mission to improve lives by creating superior radiology value through collaboration and innovation among privately owned, independent radiology practices.

“After thoroughly evaluating numerous radiology AI solutions via our collaborative we believe Rad AI Omni will provide the most impactful value proposition for our member groups. Rad AI Omni’s automated impression generator extracted from the radiologist’s dictated findings not only results in enhanced report quality and efficiency, but also helps alleviate fatigue by the end of a shift. We are excited for this partnership opportunity via the enterprise-wide agreement and look forward to accessing additional AI products and services currently under development at Rad AI.”
-Dr. Scott Bundy, CEO and Chair of Strategic Radiology

Rad AI automatically generates a customized impression from the findings and clinical indication dictated by the radiologist, using the most advanced neural networks. It learns each radiologist’s language preferences from all of their prior reports to create an impression that the radiologist can simply review and finalize. In addition, Rad AI improves report accuracy and consistency by answering the main clinical question, providing the latest consensus guideline recommendations for follow-up, and including significant incidental findings. The impression appears in the practice's voice recognition software as soon as the radiologist finishes dictating the findings, without any clicks, hotkeys or new windows.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled about our partnership with this innovative coalition. We are hearing from radiologists across the country who greatly appreciate the reduction in fatigue they experience when using Rad AI Omni. As it’s becoming increasingly more challenging to recruit radiologists, practices are embracing Rad AI Omni not just for the efficiency and quality benefits, but also as a way to attract and retain talented radiologists. We believe more practices will follow Strategic Radiology’s lead to make Rad AI Omni available to their radiologists.”
-Josh Duncan, VP of Sales and Customer Success at Rad AI

About Rad AI:

Rad AI streamlines the radiology workflow, providing time savings for radiologists and improving report consistency, while helping reduce radiologist burnout. Co-founded by the youngest US radiologist on record, Rad AI is working with 7 of the 10 largest private radiology practices in the U.S. and expanding quickly. Rad AI is based in Berkeley, CA.

Learn more about Rad AI at www.radai.com or on Twitter @radai.

About Strategic Radiology:

Strategic Radiology is a coalition of 30+ privately owned, independent, radiology practices with a national footprint, representing 1300+ radiologists that have come together to improve quality, gain operational efficiencies, and innovate the future of radiology's private practice model. Strategic Radiology engages in triannual membership and board meetings, including executive and leadership education, as well as bi-annual meetings of the SR–Patient Safety Organization (PSO), the nation’s first radiology-specific PSO listed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. SR also provides its member groups value through shared savings via a group purchasing program and strategic partnerships.

Learn more about Strategic Radiology at www.strategicradiology.org or on Twitter @StrategicRad.

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