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RAD AI Reporting

Speak Less, Say More with Rad AI Reporting

Rad AI Reporting is a breakthrough radiology reporting platform that builds on Rad AI’s leadership in generative AI. Rad AI Reporting can reduce dictation times by up 50% and words dictated by up to 90%.

How it works

Rad AI Reporting employs advanced machine learning algorithms and generative AI (GenAI), creating comprehensive and accurate reports with remarkable speed.
Dictate your findings using your existing microphone, PACS, RIS, and EHR systems
Utilize powerful GenAI to decrease cognitive load and increase productivity
Review and sign the final report

Increase efficiency and reduce burnout with GenAI

  • Enhanced efficiency: dictate up to 2x faster while using your current templates and workflows
  • Reduced burnout: reduce words dictated by up to 90%
  • Enhanced focus: radiologists can keep their eyes on the images and have additional time to focus on patient care
Improved quality and accuracy for your patients

Designed for the future, while solving today's problems

  • Open platform for AI: standards-based, open platform allows integrations from all AI vendors
  • Lightweight, fast, and easy to deploy: zero footprint cloud deployment enables IT Administrators to do more with less
  • Ease of use: seamlessly supports your current reporting workflows

Why radiologists, executives, and IT are switching to Rad AI Reporting

Reduce burnout & save time: Our partner radiologists dictate up to 90% fewer words. Radiologists report feeling less fatigued at the end of a shift, saving up to 50% of time spent dictating a single report.

Focus on the images: Minimize repetitive administrative tasks with a generative AI assistant that uses your precise language and dictation style, allowing you to spend more time interpreting the images.

Submit more accurate reports:
Omni Reporting helps you catch and fix clinically significant errors in your report. Automated insertion of consensus guideline recommendations means no more searching for white papers or scrolling to find the right macro.
Seamless transition: Move from your existing reporting platform to Omni Reporting, which supports all current workflows (hardware, templates, macros, free-dictation styles, etc.) and improves standardization across the practice.

Improved standardization: Omni Reporting increases standardization across reports which streamlines radiology operations.

Safeguard your practice & reduce cost: Protect your reputation and improve reporting accuracy.
Cutting-edge modern architecture: Break away from closed, proprietary systems that are challenging to integrate with current and future IT solutions. Omni Reporting is a cloud-native open platform embracing modern standards like OIDM and HL7 FHIR, enabling IT admins to do more with less through a simple API.

Lightweight, fast, & easy to deploy:
Radiologists can begin to experience automated reporting from day one utilizing their current templates, microphone, and computers.


Reduce burnout: Our partner radiologists dictate up to 35% fewer words. Radiologists consistently report feeling less fatigued at the end of a shift.

A virtual assistant on your side: In 5% of all reports, Rad AI Omni helps you catch and fix clinically significant errors in your findings dictation. Automated insertion of consensus guideline recommendations means no more searching for white papers or scrolling to find the right macro.

Zero change to your workflow:
Your  impression populates in 0.5 to 3 seconds after dictating your findings.


Significantly reduce turnaround times: Radiologists save a median of 1 hour per shift, and practices experience improved SLAs.

More RVUs with less effort: Effectively address CMS reimbursement changes while not overtaxing your radiologists.

Competitive advantage: In an environment with ever-increasing workload, executives are implementing AI solutions strategically to increase their practice's resilience and attract top talent.

IT Teams

Simple and easy to set up: CIOs and IT directors consistently report Rad AI Omni as being their easiest deployments.

Minimal IT Overhead:
Lightweight client with SSO and optional auto-update can be rolled out in minutes.

No servers or VMs to set up:
If your workstations have internet access you’re ready to go!

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