Achieve more in less
time through automation

Rad AI is a platform built by radiologists, for radiologists, that optimizes workflow to help save you time
and energy. There's no new process to adopt — we integrate seamlessly with your existing workflow.


Our platform:

laptop sync
Integrates seamlessly with your existing workflow
cog double
Automates repetitive and time-consuming tasks
space rocket
Boosts your efficiency, enabling you to work smarter, not harder
Learns from, and adapts to, your individual preferences

Today, radiology groups face increased
competition and unrelenting market
And radiologists struggle to meet
RVU goals while keeping up with the growing
complexity of their workflows.

Rad AI was founded by radiologists
who understand these pressures firsthand.
We have
a clear vision for helping radiology groups
become stronger and more resilient by utilizing
artificial intelligence to streamline and simplify
your workflows.

Radiology has always been the vanguard
of medicine's advances in technology.
the transition to PACS and voice recognition,
the adoption of the right AI platforms will
transform our field for the better.

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Join our team and help us build a platform to advance
AI innovation in radiology.

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