By radiologists,
for radiologists

Transforming radiology with the latest advances
in AI to save radiologists 60+ minutes a day

Automatic report impressions, customized to your language

  • Improves overall radiology report accuracy
  • Increases efficiency while reducing burnout
  • Automatically customizes to each radiologist
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing workflow

Why Rad AI?

Today, radiology groups face increased competition and unrelenting market consolidation. While keeping up with growing demand and complexity of their workflows, radiologists continue to struggle with meeting RVU goals.

Rad AI was founded by radiologists who understand these pressures firsthand. We have a clear vision for helping radiology groups become stronger and more resilient by utilizing artificial intelligence to streamline and simplify workflows.

Rad AI saves radiologists time -- increasing overall productivity by up to 25%, while decreasing burnout so you can enjoy the practice of radiology to the fullest.

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