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How it works

Automated Detection + Communication
Identifies and categorizes follow-up recommendations from radiology reports using proprietary AI models
Automates communication with the provider and patient when clinically appropriate
Automatically close the loop on follow-up, driving better patient outcomes and increased ROI

Intelligent Detection

  • Detect the finding: deploy an advanced AI model trained on half a billion reports
  • Classify the finding: apply natural language processing to identify the category & anatomy
  • Set the follow-up date: based on the radiologist’s recommended timeframe & categorized consensus guidelines
  • Manage follow-ups: leverage a central dashboard on one platform for comprehensive visibility & tracking
Identify and track every type of appropriate follow-up recommendation
Automate more follow-up activities

Seamless Communication

  • Receive real-time status updates: triggered by HL7 messages
  • Contact the patient: automate SMS, direct mail, and EHR messaging
  • Contact the provider: automatically via EHR messaging or fax
  • Track the program & progress: gain insight and maintain quality control with a comprehensive audit trail

Consistent & reliable follow-up resolution

  • In-depth integration: connection to your EHR or RIS maximizes efficiency
  • Comprehensive dashboards: provide real-time insights across your patient population
  • Clear financial ROI: a sustainable program for your health system
Designed for health system workflow

Radiologists, health system executives, and IT alike love Rad AI Continuity

Radiologists favor Rad AI Continuity for its AI-driven technology that streamlines the identification of follow-up recommendations, enhancing diagnostic accuracy and patient care.

Rad AI Continuity's automated communication system ensures timely follow-up, significantly reducing manual tasks and improving operational efficiency for radiologists.

Integration with existing healthcare workflows allows for seamless adoption, making Rad AI Continuity a preferred choice for its minimal disruption.
Executives appreciate Rad AI Continuity for its ability to bridge the follow-up care gap, which increases patient satisfaction and trust in their services.

When used alongside Rad AI Omni Impressions, it significantly increases the volume of clinically appropriate follow-ups by up to 40%.

Rad AI Continuity's seamless integration helps generate additional revenue streams without significant upfront investment, aligning with executives' strategic goals for growth and financial performance.
Rad AI Continuity prioritizes high-level security and compliance standards, ensuring patient data is protected through robust encryption and access controls.

The platform's integration capabilities with existing EHR and RIS systems allow for streamlined implementation, reducing the burden on IT teams during setup.

IT teams benefit from Rad AI's commitment to continuous updates and support, ensuring the system remains at the cutting edge of security and functionality, minimizing vulnerabilities.


Reduce burnout: Our partner radiologists dictate up to 35% fewer words. Radiologists consistently report feeling less fatigued at the end of a shift.

A virtual assistant on your side: In 5% of all reports, Rad AI Omni helps you catch and fix clinically significant errors in your findings dictation. Automated insertion of consensus guideline recommendations means no more searching for white papers or scrolling to find the right macro.

Zero change to your workflow:
Your  impression populates in 0.5 to 3 seconds after dictating your findings.


Significantly reduce turnaround times: Radiologists save a median of 1 hour per shift, and practices experience improved SLAs.

More RVUs with less effort: Effectively address CMS reimbursement changes while not overtaxing your radiologists.

Competitive advantage: In an environment with ever-increasing workload, executives are implementing AI solutions strategically to increase their practice's resilience and attract top talent.

IT Teams

Simple and easy to set up: CIOs and IT directors consistently report Rad AI Omni as being their easiest deployments.

Minimal IT Overhead:
Lightweight client with SSO and optional auto-update can be rolled out in minutes.

No servers or VMs to set up:
If your workstations have internet access you’re ready to go!

Generate additional revenue streams

Automated patient follow-up ensures cancers are caught early, improves patient outcomes and reduces liability, all while creating new value from performing appropriate follow-up imaging studies.  These all improve your health system’s bottom line, while reducing the overall cost of healthcare.

When Continuity is deployed in conjunction with Rad AI Omni, this increases the total number of clinically appropriate follow-ups by up to 40%. Together, this results in far more value than any other product on the market.
Reports with follow-up recommendations: 15%
Current follow-up rate: 30%
Follow-up rate with Continuity: 70%
$50 $100 $150 $200 $250
Potential additional revenue opportunity
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