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Rad AI Wins "Best New Radiology Vendor" in AuntMinnie's 2021 Minnies

Rad AI Wins "Best New Radiology Vendor" in AuntMinnie's 2021 Minnies

Made for radiologists by radiologists, Rad AI empowers radiologists with AI to save time, reduce burnout, and improve patient care

BERKELEY, CA, UNITED STATES, October 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- AuntMinnie.com, one of the leading voices in radiology and the medical imaging industry, has recognized Rad AI as the winner of the “Best New Radiology Vendor” in its 2021 edition of the Minnies. The Minnies have been the premier awards event in radiology since 2000, with categories ranging from Most Influential Radiology Researcher to Best New Radiology Device. Minnies awards are made based on nominations from AuntMinnie.com members, with winners selected through two rounds of voting by a panel of radiology luminaries and AuntMinnie.com editors.

“This is such an incredible recognition, and we’re thankful for how vocal our radiologist partners have been about their enthusiasm for Rad AI Omni. Over the past several months, it’s been amazing to see hospitals and radiology practices reach out to us directly via our website and LinkedIn to learn how Rad AI Omni is reducing radiologist burnout while increasing report efficiency and quality.”
-Josh Duncan, Vice President of Sales and Customer Success of Rad AI

Rad AI Omni automatically generates a customized impression from the findings and clinical indication dictated by the radiologist, using the most advanced neural networks. It learns each radiologist’s language preferences from all of their prior reports, to create an impression that the radiologist can simply review and finalize. In addition, Rad AI Omni improves report accuracy and consistency by making sure to include significant incidental findings, answering the main clinical question, and providing consensus guideline recommendations for follow-up. The impression appears in the practice's voice recognition software as soon as the radiologist finishes dictating the findings, without any clicks, hotkeys or new windows.

Rad AI Continuity closes the loop on follow-up recommendations for significant incidental findings in radiology reports.  Using AI-driven automation, Continuity ensures that appropriate patient follow-up is communicated and completed. This improves patient outcomes, reduces health system liability, and drives new financial value for health systems and radiology practices. Continuity integrates directly into health systems’ EMR, and also has a platform available for outpatient imaging.

“Rad AI’s mission is to empower radiologists with AI — saving radiologists time, reducing burnout, and helping to improve the quality of patient care. After working overnight radiology shifts for the past decade and building on this vision for a better way forward for radiologists and their patients, winning ‘Best New Radiology Vendor’ in the 2021 Minnies is another fantastic validation that we are indeed succeeding in doing that for our radiologist partners across the country.”
-Dr. Jeff Chang, ER radiologist and co-founder of Rad AI

About Rad AI:

Rad AI aims to streamline radiology workflow, providing time savings for radiologists and improving report consistency, while helping reduce radiologist burnout. Co-founded by the youngest US radiologist on record, Rad AI is working with some of the largest and most innovative radiology practices in the US and expanding quickly. Rad AI is based in Berkeley, CA, and backed by Gradient (Google’s AI fund, which invests in the top companies using AI to positively transform their fields).

Learn more about Rad AI at www.radai.com or on Twitter @radai.

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