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AI-Driven Workflow Automation: Real World Benefits for Radiologists

AI-Driven Workflow Automation: Real World Benefits for Radiologists

AI-Driven Workflow Automation: Real World Benefits for Radiologists

Streamed on: Mar 16, 2021

Dr. Jason Poff, abdominal and thoracic radiologist from Greensboro Radiology, joined Rad AI to discuss the real world benefits for radiologists achieved from AI-driven workflow automation.

Dr. Chang: I've done mostly overnight ER shifts over the years -- well over a thousand overnights, reading over 250,000 studies. So while working all these nights, I started thinking about how we could streamline radiology workflow. How do we use AI to make a really positive impact on our field? 

Dr. Chang explained why applying artificial intelligence to reporting workflow is incredibly beneficial to radiologists.

Dr. Chang: As radiologists, we spend more than 70% of our time dictating reports, almost non-stop using voice recognition software -- it's what leads to our burnout and our exhaustion. Imagine what it would be like if we could cut down on the number of words that we say by a third each day.

Dr. Chang explained how Rad AI addresses these challenges. 

Dr. Chang: Rad AI automatically generates report impressions directly from the findings and the clinical indication that you dictate, customized to each individual radiologist's language preferences and style.

Dr. Poff spoke about his experience using Rad AI at Greensboro Radiology.

Dr. Poff: I'm fortunate to work at Greensboro radiology. We're a large growing sub-specialized practice, centered in the heart of North Carolina . We're increasingly trying to raise the visibility of our practice amongst the broader health community. 

Dr. Poff talked about the impact of using Rad AI and how it feels to use it on a daily basis.

Dr. Poff: I've been using this everyday, every shift, 100% of the time now for two to three months -- and it's getting to the point where I would have a hard time not using it. It feels like having a virtual assistant on my team. Particularly on a call shift, you have voice fatigue and you're dehydrated -- and, I have very much noticed that now that I use Rad AI , I'm fresher by the end of my shift.

He also shared Rad AI's impact in reducing errors.

Dr. Poff: Rad AI is going to maximize your chances of getting all those important incidental findings into your impressions. We're all human, it's easy to occasionally forget to put those in. 

Finally Dr. Poff shared his perspective on being at the forefront of adopting innovative technology.

Dr. Poff: Technology is coming at us like a bullet train right now. I choose to be optimistic to jump on this train, to try to be a conductor to lead this technology on the paths that are most useful for our patients.

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