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Our Mission

To increase access and quality of healthcare, for everyone. With a focus on imaging, Rad AI enhances accuracy of and access to diagnosis.

Radiology is a critical part of medical diagnosis and treatment. Incorrect diagnosis, treatment in the absence of diagnosis, and lack of monitoring disease progression can have serious, even fatal, consequences for a patient. When it comes to quality healthcare, imaging makes all the difference.

Despite the importance, there is a drastic and growing shortage of radiologists. According to WHO, two-thirds of the world does not have access to radiology services. In areas that do, radiologist burnout, error rates, and turnaround times continue rising. The result: overloaded radiologists, crumbling medical workflows, and inadequate patient care.

By using AI to improve radiologists' workflows, Rad AI makes a positive impact for patients. Rad AI is radically transforming radiology with the latest advances in technology - keeping the radiologist at top of mind and the patient at heart.

Our Story

Designed by radiologists, for radiologists

In the past decade, Dr. Jeff Chang has read nearly a quarter million X-rays, CTs, ultrasounds and MRIs. After starting medical school at age 16, Jeff became the youngest radiologist on US record. Fellowship-trained in musculoskeletal MRI, he worked as an ER radiologist for 9 years.

Troubled by high error rates, worsening radiologist burnout, and rising imaging demand with a growing shortage of radiologists, Jeff decided to take action. He pursued graduate work in machine learning to identify ways in which AI could help. Along the way, he met co-founder Doktor Gurson, a serial entrepreneur with experience in tech. Rad AI was born at this intersection between radiology and AI.

Our Team

Comprised of both radiology and AI expertise, Rad AI's stellar team builds products that maximize radiologist productivity, ultimately making healthcare more widely accessible and improving patient outcomes.

Join our team and help us make a positive impact on radiology, patient lives, and healthcare around the world.

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