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Automated Report Impressions

Radiology has always been the vanguard of medicine’s advances in technology. Like the transition to PACS and voice recognition, the adoption of the right AI products will help us as radiologists transform our field for the better.

Rad AI saves radiologists an average of more than 60 minutes per day. Using the latest state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, we automatically generate report impressions, customized to their exact language. This means 35% fewer words dictated, more consistent reports and recommendations, and decreased radiologist burnout.

Your workflow doesn't change

  • Dictate findings using VR
  • Generate impression automatically
  • Review and sign off on report


  • Integrates seamlessly with all versions of Powerscribe and Fluency
  • Zero-click automation: no change to the existing radiology workflow, invisible to the radiologist
  • Automatically customizes language, conciseness, item order, for each individual radiologist
  • Eliminates repetitive tasks to reduce burnout, cognitive load, and mental fatigue
  • Helps radiologists identify voice recognition errors and pertinent negatives/positives
  • Answers the ordering clinician's primary question first and includes all significant findings
  • Can automatically insert customizable recommendation macros
  • Minimal IT overhead: lightweight, cloud-based app that can be rolled out in minutes

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Your patients matter to us

We know how important it is to keep your data safe and secure. Our infrastructure team is made of industry experts who are experienced in both security and healthcare. All of Rad AI’s solutions meet or exceed federal regulations for protection of personal healthcare data information under HIPAA, and our AI is built on de-identified data.