Rad AI only radiology vendor listed on "100 Most Promising AI Companies"

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50+ radiology practices, including 8 of the 10 largest, partner with Rad AI. It's no wonder we're the fastest growing radiologist-led AI company, and on CB Insights "100 Most Promising AI Companies."

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When we recently discussed our expansions and renewals for AI solutions, we saw Rad AI as a must-have. If we were to rank our solutions, it's at the top. With a high volume of high acuity cases, Rad AI Omni helps us manage our caseload. The performance continues to improve -- in 90 to 95% of the impressions that it generates, I don't have to edit anything, and the consensus guideline recommendations are working really well.

Dr. Juan Jimenez
Associate Medical Director of Radiology @ Carle Health

Even though Rad AI has an incredible reputation in the radiology community, we were hesitant to try AI in our practice and wanted to prove it out for ourselves. After using Omni with a small initial set of users, we are so glad we did as we saw an immediate impact. We are now rapidly expanding to the rest of the radiologists in our practice. We use Rad AI Omni because it works seamlessly in the background. Our goal is to use technology that allows our radiologists to focus more on our patients and less on the technology. Rad AI does that.

Dr. Phillip Fortenberry
President @ M&S Radiology

We’ve been incredibly pleased with the partnership that has developed with Rad AI. As a CIO, your aim is to make investments in technology that make a tangible difference throughout the practice. Once the Rad AI Omni rollout began, the benefits spread 'word of mouth' style like a brushfire. The radiologists became the largest supporters of the product – touting the efficiency, quality and overall reduction in fatigue improvements amongst themselves. Expansion of the agreement was a no-brainer. I would strongly encourage any radiology practice CIO seeking an impactful AI investment to prioritize a relationship with Rad AI.

Jeff Wieler
CIO @ Radiology Associates, P.A

Rad AI is a tremendous partner and their AI solution improves quality, efficiency, and, ultimately, improves patient care. Personally, Rad AI is the first AI solution that made me appreciate the benefits of adopting AI — I’m looking forward to seeing how AI can positively impact radiologists, practices, and health systems.

Dr. Nicholas Galante
Medical Director for Informatics @ Radiology Associates of North Texas

After thoroughly evaluating numerous radiology AI solutions via our collaborative we believe Rad AI Omni will provide the most impactful value proposition for our member groups. Rad AI Omni’s automated impression generator extracted from the radiologist’s dictated findings not only results in enhanced report quality and efficiency, but also helps alleviate fatigue by the end of a shift.

Dr. Scott Bundy
CEO & Chair @ Strategic Radiology

Our practice has been on the forefront of innovation in radiology, building on our heritage of leading the way with transformative technologies that ultimately prove to become the gold standard for radiology practices. We believe our partnership with Rad AI will enable us to maintain this type of technological leadership, and Rad AI Omni will be a powerfully assistive tool for our radiologists.

Dr. Benjamin Bartnicke
Chairman of the Board @ Radiology Associates, P.A.

We expanded our partnership with Rad AI to every radiologist not just because of the benefits our radiologists experienced, but also because the Rad AI team is incredible to work with. They truly listen and prioritize our feedback.

Sarah Russell
COO @ Inland Imaging

Our initial group of radiologist users were very impressed by Rad AI’s ability to reduce fatigue and improve productivity using artificial intelligence, while improving the quality of patient care. We evaluate many AI vendors, and Rad AI proved to not only be a valuable solution our radiologists wanted to use, but they’ve also been a fantastic partner in helping us fully leverage the power of AI to do more for our patients.

Matt Long
CIO @ Radiology Associates of North Texas

I knew from the first time I used Rad AI Omni it would be a complete game-changer by allowing us to turn around the highest-quality reports faster with fewer addenda. Of all the technology and solutions that we’ve implemented for our practice, Rad AI Omni has made the biggest impact on our efficiency and quality. I have personally reached out to colleagues of mine to prioritize a partnership with Rad AI.

Dr. Darren Buono
CEO & Co-Founder @ STAR Teleradiology
Rad AI only radiology vendor listed on "100 Most Promising AI Companies"

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